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Serving Franklin, Wake and Durham Counties

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Grow Your Veggies

We get asked all of the time…” what are microgreens and how do I use them?” Microgreens are vegetable seedlings between the sprout and baby greens stages of growth. What’s great about microgreens is that they have all of the same nutrients of the adult vegetable, and those nutrients are even more condensed. That means you can put a small handful in a wrap or sandwich and get a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. Add them to your salad mix, top an
entree, or use them as a stand-alone side dish. They are so healthy and packed with phytonutrients that according to numerous studies they are considered a superfood, and NASA is even developing ways to grow them in space.

Home Grown Vegetables
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Joyful Sprouts Farm

Joyful Sprouts Farm was founded in 2023 by Chad and Sarah Clayton out of a passion for agriculture and the desire to help make eating veggies quick and easy. We are located in Youngsville, NC and serve Franklin, Wake, and Durham counties. Our microgreens are grown indoors using high-quality sifted potting mix, clean water, and energy-efficient grow lights. Our soil mix comes from sustainable sources and after harvest gets composted to use in our raised garden beds.

Chad is a former RN and Sarah works full time in healthcare. Our background in healthcare lends to our dedication to the health and education of our customers. Simply put, JSF microgreens are clean, delicious, and extremely healthy. During Winter you can use our order
online tab or find us on most Saturdays at the Western Wake Farmer’s Market in Morrisville, from 930-1200.

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